AMA Award Presentations

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At the AMA Awards Dinner on Saturday night the Awards were presented for the best Australian performances for 2017:

Congratulations to all and especially our WA award winning athletes:

  • Melissa Foster who received the Jumps Award and
  • David Carr for receiving the Most Outstanding Male Athlete Award!

Other Winners were:

Sprints: Julie Brims (Qld)

Middle Distance: Lavinia Petrie (Vic)

Distance: Shaun Creighton (ACT)

Walks: Heather Carr (Vic)

Multi Events: Geoff Gibbons (Tas)

Throws: Mary Thomas (NSW)

Most Outstanding Female Athlete: Miriam Cudmore (SA)

Most Outstanding Individual Performance: Jenny Flynn (Qld)

Administrator of Year: Steve McGugan (NT)

Special Recognition: Bruce Graham (ACT)

Also on the night there were three new inductees into the AMA HALL OF FAME:
  • Lavinia Petrie
  • Wilma Perkins
  • Stan Perkins
Championship Awards were also presented on the weekend as follows:

Brian Foley Award (Middle Distance): Lavinia Petrie (Vic)
Royce Foley Award (Throws Pentathlon): Dorn Jenkins (Vic) & Jo Peters (WA)

Champion of Champion Throws (Weight): Dorn Jenkins (Vic) & Todd Davey (Tas)

Champion of Champion Sprints: Julie Brims (Qld) & Ashley McMahon (NSW)

  • Congratulations to Jo Peters and Todd Davey for their outstanding performances!