AMA Awards – MAWA nominations

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Congratulations to the following who have been nominated for these awards:

Sprints. David Carr – Aus record 400m. State records 60/100/200

Middle distance/steeples. Gillian Young – world record steeplechase

Distance. Rochelle Rodgers – Aus record ½ marathon

Walks. Lyn Ventris – 2 world records

Jumps. Melissa Foster – state records in both LJ and TJ

Throws. Byrony Glass – Aus records in hammer and weight

Multi-events. Byrony Glass – gold medals in throws pentathlon in Malaga and Perth

Most outstanding male/female. David Carr/Lyn Ventris.

Best performance. Lyn Ventris – 10k walk world record.

Administrator of the year. Barbara Blurton – Set up and manages registration system. Club Statistician. Competition Manager for Nationals and States. In team that developed Perth 2016 programme.