November Committee Meeting Summary

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  • At this stage it appears that all of our 2018 runs will be approved by local councils. The programme and 2018 membership form will be on the website w/c 13th November
  • Short course RRC/RWC will take place May/June in parallel with the full RRC/RWC
  • Colin Smith attended the AWA AGM on behalf of the club
  • A new Tuesday/Thursday sign-in sheet will be produced allowing throwers and jumpers to sign onto the same sheet as runners
  • Full stock-take of all throws equipment has been completed by Jenn Parker. A minimum number of new items are required
  • Perth 2018 website is up and running. All profits from merchandise sale will go to the Perth Zoo’s numbat recovery programme. An article on AMA Champs will appear in December vetrun
  • Seven issues raised at the AGM were discussed by the committee:
    1. Children of members will not be charged visitor fees
    2. Recommendation for our Auditor will be made each year by the Treasurer to the AGM, for approval by the AGM
    3. Appropriate levels of cash are kept in our current account and term deposits
    4. Committee supports encouraging members to get iron-on numbers with their names. A sentence on this will be included in the welcome letter to new members, and a reminder put in vetrun
    5. The clear lines of responsibility for safety have been better defined in our documentation, and are clearly understood by the committee
    6. We can confirm that our insurance has no upper age limit
    7. A suggestion was made that, similar to some other sports, we grade athletes into say a, b and c grade and have competitions at that level, allowing more lower ranked athletes to win awards. The committee takes that view that with our handicaps and achievement awards, there is adequate opportunity for these athletes to win trophies.

October Committee Meeting Summary

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  • The lower fees for joint members can no longer be justified, so all members will pay the individual fee. Lower fees for Country members will be retained.
  • All individual membership fees are reduced by $5, which means that joint members renewing will pay $5 more.
  • The 2018 form will be online only and has been simplified. It will be available around 3rd week in November. A detailed description of the changes will be posted on the website and appear in December Vetrun. Couples can make just one credit card transaction for both members.
  • Our membership currently sits at 583.
  • New committee roles were agreed. Giovanni will take on Sunday Run Co-ordinator, Jenn: Track and Field, Janne: Medals and Trophies, Jim: Sunday helpers, Margaret: Sunday equipment.
  • We have just been advised that Cockburn have a fun run at Bibra Lake on 5th November and we cannot have our run there. When a decision is made on what we will do it will be posted on the website and emailed to members
  • Confirmed by WAMC that our Presentation Breakfast will be 29th July
  • A new AMA Coaching grant will be sought. The Coaching Programme will be permanently posted on the website
  • A number of factors contributed to poor participation in the inaugural short RRC. A second trial will take place next year, including a short RWC, but it will be held in the Autumn.
  • Marion Buchanan has joined the AMA Nationals LOC. Member Sally Sims has developed the Nationals website which will be live very soon. Online entry will be from mid January with closing date 16th March.
  • Melbourne Cup tickets and MAWA jackets can now be purchased from the MAWA shop.
  • Children of club members will no longer be required to pay visitor fees at club events

July Committee Meeting Summary

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  • Our WA team did very well at the AMA Championship in Darwin – see latest TFNL
  • We have received 5 new volunteers to help process Sunday results who are now being trained – thanks to all
  • We are still looking for some new Race Directors so the committee will manage the Racecourse event this year on 30 July and the Championship Medal Presentations are being made that day
  • New beams for our steeples at ECAC have been delivered in time for David Carr’s steeplechase record attempt but replacement bases are now also needed
  • The problem with the results page on the website has been fixed
  • We are ordering two new signs for Sunday runs with turn around arrows
  • Nomination forms for Committee Positions are now available from the Secretary
  • Committee Reports for the AGM will be put on the website under “Our Club” – “About Us” so they can be read before the AGM
  • Notice of special resolution to make amendments to our constitution will be sent to all members before the AGM
  • Copy of the proposed amended constitution will also be put on the website – please send any queries/comments to secretary before the AGM

June Committee Meeting Summary

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– A draft of the 2018 programme has been produced. We plan to use Bold Park as the Guess Own Time venue, and we have reverted to having a run on Easter Day
– Our Risk Management Plan has been revised and updated and is on the website ‘About Us’ page. Members are encouraged to read it
– The new Short Course RRC will start in September. Jim Langford is developing the entry rules which will be published on the website
– Our storage shed at ECAC has been revamped and there is now plenty of space to store all MAWA equipment
– Patron’s Trophy rules have been revised – see separate website post
– All venues, plus the awards dinner, have been booked for the 2018 National Championships.
– A list of members, (just names and membership number), will be placed on the website
– New track suit tops have proved popular and a top-up order placed
– An updated flyer to be available to helpers at Sunday runs has been produced
– Following revised Rules of Association affecting our club, some amendments to our Constitution will be put to this year’s AGM

May Committee Meeting Summary

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  • Membership increased by 11 to reach 555
  • Track and Field Risk Management Plans have been prepared and placed on the website. The WAAS plan has been accepted by VenuesWest
  • MAWA has a very strong team of 73 athletes going to the National Championships in Darwin. Campbell Till has been appointed Team Captain
  • The Perth 2018 Nationals LOC held its second meeting. The Awards Dinner has been booked at the Forrest Centre
  • The committee commended a very comprehensive State Champs TFNL special
  • MAWA track suit tops have proved very popular and a re-stock has been ordered
  • Important notices about the Perth 2016 Trust Fund, and 2018 Nationals Sponsorship are on the website. All members are urged to read them and give both matters some thought

April Committee Meeting Summary

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  • New Thornlie course will be measured by Steve Weller, so will count for road ‘bests’
  • Race Directors – Herdsman now Claire Walkley, City Rail now Rod Hamilton, Racecourse still needs a Director
  • State Championships were very successful. The time for throwing events was greatly reduced by the extensive use of EDM’s. Agreed with AWA that one of the EDM’s purchased for World Champs will remain at ECAC for use by any of the clubs based there.
  • Our nine athletes who attended the very well organized indoor World Champs in South Korea performed exceptionally well setting many State Records and nine Australian Records
  • New track suit tops have arrived and are proving popular
  • The Nationals LOC held a second meeting. Priority activities are to complete venue bookings, send out a sponsorship proposal, select a venue for the dinner and produce a flyer for promoting the event in Darwin.

Committee Summary February/March 2017

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  • Robin King leaves the committee after taking a new job in the north of the State.
  • Campbell Till joins the committee and will take overall responsibility for Track and Field activities. We welcome Campbell to this important role, and are sure you will give him your full support
  • We have moved the website to a new host and given it a fresh new look. This has greatly improved performance for the website administrators. We thank long-term MAWA friend Ernie Leseberg for all his work.
  • Deliver of the MAWA jacket orders is awaited
  • Membership sits at 534, very strong for so early in the year
  • Track and Field was off to a slow start in 2017 with athletes still recovering from their efforts at World Champs. However State Champs entry at 183 is very healthy.
  • The winter programme will be at both venues in the lead up to Nationals in early June. After that it will be ECAC only.
  • The new steeples at ECAC have become cracked and warped. The supplier will replace the wooden beams with steel-framed
  • The committee approved MAWA nominees for AMA awards and these are listed on the website.

Committee Summary – January 2017

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– since 2017 membership started in early December we have had 223 renewals and 36 new members
– our risk management plan will be updated, particularly to encompass any new requirements related to our wheelchair athlete. Revised procedures will be sent to Race Directors
– the new roster for morning teas in 2017 is complete
– numbers at T & F meetings are still low
– State Championship entry form will be on the website last week in January with closing date 2nd March. All entries must be online. All events will be at ECAC with the exception of Pole Vault. This year athletes belonging to non-MAWA clubs can enter as that club and wear the club uniform. An information note giving event dates will be produced before entries open
– a committee to run the 2018 Nationals is being formed and will hold its first meeting in February. Date is not quite finalised but will be late April or early May, which should suit athlete preparations for World Championships in Spain in September
– approval given to purchase new discuses
– 50 MAWA jackets have been ordered – no hurry to put on the MAWA shop, as there is likely to be little interest until autumn
– new affiliation arrangement with AWA will give all MAWA members public liability and personal accident insurance at MAWA sanctioned events


Committee Summary December 2016

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– Agreed that Wheelsie Keillor can join the club and participate in MAWA road events, but our risk management plan will need to be updated

– In the aftermath of World Championships, numbers at Track and Field meetings have been very low. New steeples now in place at ECAC, and two steeplechase events will be held there in the new year

– All 2017 State Championship events, apart from the Pole Vault, will be held at ECAC. Entry fees to remain unchanged from 2016. Dates are on the website

– Decided that the Australian National Championships in Perth in 2018 will be held between 26th and 29th April. Dates around Easter will not work because of a clash with the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast

– ECAC has been booked for the Heavy Weight Pentathlon on Sunday 22nd January. VenuesWest have banned the use of Heavy Weight implements at WAAS, except for State and National Championships

– New MAWA jacket will need to sell for around $90. A modest number will be ordered initially to gauge how popular they are


November 2016 Meeting Summary

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– New steeples for ECAC have arrived, and steeplechase events this summer will be split between WAAS and ECAC

– Membership stands at 686. 2017 membership opens 1st December and it will be of key interest to see how many of our 353 temporary members for Worlds decide to take full membership

– Membership fees to remain unchanged for 2017

– Decided in future not to charge for morning teas

– Yokine GOT will replace Hale School next year – new race director needed

– Sample of proposed MAWA jacket will be made in order to gauge member interest

– Date for the Perth Nationals in 2018 is required by end year. The committee is considering moving away from Easter and is looking at late April