July Committee Meeting Summary

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• Membership numbers increased by 10 to 527
• New gazebo for Sundays was successfully tested
• Big turnout for first night at new ECAC track
• Campbell Till is taking over the running of Tuesdays at WAAS
• Next social event planned is a Melbourne Cup lunch
• Feedback on trial new uniform material and style was very positive Design will be changed to make the colour more gold and logo plus script on back added. Initially offering male/female singlet and2 crop top options. Online purchase will offer pick up from Colin or receive in post

June committee meeting summary

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  • Membebership increased by 18 to 517
  • Preference for Herdsman Run to start at the Pony club, so in future years will aim to schedule this on a day the Pony club do not have a meeting
  • Trial use of a video camera at finishing shute was very successful. Will now purchase a camera for regular use
  • Presentation breakfast for medals for RRC/RWC and half marathon will be at marathon club rooms on 12th July
  • Initial planning to start for 2016 programme
  • Perth 2016 reps attended the official opening of new ECAC track. MAWA programme at ECAC to start 2 nd
  • State Championships next year will be at ECAC 19th/20th Arrangements in hand to set up electronic timing. Pentathlons date not yet fixed
  • Club annual dinner was very good and enjoyed by all. Needs to be more extensively promoted next year.
  • A new feature on the website is allowing us to more easily send out emails for important announcements. It was first used to send a link for the June vetrun
  • Initial feedback on the new uniforms is that comfort is very good, and the general style is liked. Joan will now work on final design, with a target to get the uniform available to members later in the year.

May committee meeting summary

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• Membership stands at 499, and increase of 11 over last month
• Video camera will be purchased and stationed at end of our road races, making it much easier for the person doing results to track down problems
• Mattagarup and Whiteman run dates have been swapped due to a clash with a re-scheduled commercial fun run. Whiteman Park is now 19th July
• There will be a presentation breakfast after the Half Marathon on 12th July. This will take place at the Marathon Club rooms, and the medals/trophies for RRC/RWC will also be awarded
• There will be monthly progress updates on the MAWA website for Perth 2016
• Club dinner will be at Cannnington Greyhounds 6th June for cost of $55. Contact Elaine Dance.
• A library webpage will be set advising members of running books that can be borrowed from other members
• New uniform samples have arrived, and will be shown to members by Joan on Sundays and Colin on Tuesdays
• Iron-on numbers are available from Russell Smith. See website for details

March Committee Meeting Summary

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– Colin Smith attended a meeting with Canning Council about the new track at ECAC. Strict measures will be taken to ensure the track does not suffer undue wear

– The winter track programme was approved and is now on the website

– The programme to improve our Sunday equipment is almost complete – the large banner will be replaced with a signboard

– Vic and Jacqui Beaumont will relinquish their job providing morning teas at the end of 2015. A replacement will be sought

– A presentation event for half marathon, RRC and RWC medals and trophies is being planned – details will be posted on the website

–  The club annual dinner will either be at Cannington Raceway or Gloucester Park. Cost will be around $50

– A fully online process for ordering clothing is being set up, and will utilise the club’s paypal account in exactly the same way as online entry for State Champs

– Current membership is 482

February Committee Meeting Summary

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– The committee passed a motion from Damien Hanson that throws records can only be accepted at meetings organised by a state level organisation or above, (see website post)

– It was agreed that Damien Hanson purchase new scales for verification of throwing implements

– Membership at end Jan was 451, with more timely renewals than previous years

– New signs have been purchased and were used for the first time at Piney Lakes

– The downloadable stopwatch is now being used by Mark Hewitt as he compiles Sunday run results saving considerable time

– Alternatives to ECAC while it is closed for re-surfacing have been investigated, but none found to be suitable

– State Championship entry at 172 is an all-time record

January Committee Meeting Summary

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– Thanks to all involved for the success of the Welcome Run. 172 competitors including over 50 visitors
– Thanks to Mark Hewitt for taking over Sunday Results, and we now have a pool of people who can do it to spread the load. Thanks also to Jim Langford for taking over the helpers list
– Nominees for AMA Awards were approved and the list is now on the website
– For McCallum runs starting east of Taylor St, (eg East Perth), members are not willing to move over to where morning teas have to be served. Therefore in future there will be no teas at these runs
– Ern Clark track will be closed for re-surfacing 2nd March until 1st May

December Committee Meeting Summary

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– Club membership reached 512 on 30th November

– The club urgently needs someone to compile Sunday Run results – volunteers please. The committee thanks Sandi Hodge and Brigette Cheek for manning the visitor table, and Jim Langford for taking on the management of the Sunday Helpers

– The club may be prevented using lanes 1 and 2 for our Tuesday evening track meets. If so, alternatives will be sourced and track and field athletes canvassed

– State Championship entry fees were approved. No changes from last year

– The club will move towards a web-based system for ordering uniforms. The initial procedure will require members to download an order form from the web, and send it to Colin Smith. Eventually orders will be fully online.

– The club is nominating David Carr and Lyn Ventris for the AMA Hall of Fame

November Committee Meeting Summary

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  • Details for our Welcome Run on 4th January are firming up. Visitors fees are waived, families are encouraged, catering is provided, and promotion will be in local newspapers
  • Membership fees for 2015 were approved. Details are in vetrun and on the website.
  • Mike Anderson will access new lightweight signs to replace our heavy metal ones.
  • The 2015 Sunday Programme is now on the website. Hardcopy will be sent to those members without internet access.
  • A new procedure for uniforms will be issued shortly. Information will be on the website, and orders will go through Colin.
  • Following further discussion it was agreed that the RRC and RWC events will not be re-named

October Committee Meeting Summary

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– Delia Baldock and Mike Anderson were welcomed to their first committee meeting

– Membership has increased by 7 to 489

– Treasurer will propose 2015 membership fees for approval next month

– The 2015 Sunday Programme was approved and will be published in November.  Thanks to Ante Perdija for taking on RD for Piney Lakes. Just City Rail with no RD.

– New male and female trophies will be awarded for the age-graded handicaps. Thanks to Giovanni Puglisi for the suggestion at the AGM

– Committee felt that marshalling by bike was a good idea if there was a helper with a bike prepared to do it

– New Sunday watch downloadable to laptop is on order. Other new Sunday equipment is being sourced

– Welcome Run on 4th January will be an advertised open run with no visitor fees to promote membership

– There will be a club dinner, probably next March. Thanks to Elaine Dance for taking on the organisation

– Examples of the proposed new uniforms have been liked by members who saw them

– Some clothing stock is being sold at bargain basement prices


September committee meeting summary

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– Sunday programme for 2015 now at an advanced stage of planning. Particular features of the programme:

There will be Welcome Run in early Jan, which we will use as an event to promote the club

Wireless Hill is moved to spring so wildflowers can be appreciated

We are short of two Race Directors, Piney Lakes and City Rail

– The 2015 AGM will immediately follow the Claypit Circuit run on 20th September. It will be held in the Hockey Pavilion. Breakfast will be provided

– Some new signs will be resourced. Sunday equipment will be rationalized and made easier to pack into vehicles

– Summer track and field programme was approved. T & F Championship dates confirmed with 7th March Pentathlons and 14th/15th March main weekend

– Delia Baldock will be the new club secretary

– Membership increased by 12 in August to 482.