Congratulations Paul – World Record

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Paul Jeffery set a brilliant pending M45 World Record in the Decathlon event held at WAAS 23rd and 24th November. His points total was 7867.

Committee Summary December

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  • The AWA Heptathlon/Decathlon events in January will also be MAWA State Championship events.
  • The 2020 Handicap trophy will conclude with City Rail in August.
  • Entries for the 2020 AMA Postal Half Marathon will open in early February.
  • Agreed to purchase a new big clock for ECAC – partly funded by the generous bequest from the estate of Ray Gimi.
  • The Ray Gimi Trophy has been established to be awarded to the winner of the Woodbridge Handicap.
  • From January all MAWA members will have full access to the World Rankings database, under an agreement reached by AMA.
  • From 2020 the Jim Barnes Trophy will be awarded for the best age-graded score in the MAWA Club Half Marathon
  • Also from 2020 the John Gilmour Trophy will be awarded to the Athlete of the Year rather than the Performance of the Year.
  • The 2021 Australian Masters Games will be held in Perth

2020 State Championship Dates

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The dates for 2020 are as follows:

Sat/Sun 18th/19th January Decathlon/Heptathlon

Thursday 12 March                  10,000m

Saturday 21 March                   Pentathlons, 5000m (+ a jump – depending on entries)

Thursday 26 March                  Steeplechase

Sat/Sun 28/29 March               Main weekend

Vale John Smith

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Club member John Smith passed away last Thursday.

John was a member of the club for over 25 years his club number being 156.  As well as being a regular competitor for many years he contributed through being a committee member and a Sunday race director.

John competed both on the road and on the track. First as a runner where he completed several 50 K road running championships and then as he got older he moved to walking and the road walking championships.

For several years John arrived at ECAC at Cannington on a Thursday evening on his bike just in time for the track walk. When the walk was early he missed the start. At the end of the program he would set off for his home in Victoria Park in the dark on his bike.

Always bright and cheerful he has been missed at recent competitions being unable to attend due to ill health.

A memorial is to be held at the Broken Hill Hotel this Thursday from 5 – 7pm. Caterers need an estimate of numbers so if anyone is intending to go then could they please contact Gary Fisher as soon as possible.

Christmas Run

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Our Christmas Gift Run on 22 December is a bit different – there is no set course and no timing or marshals so we start off together but you can turn around whenever you are ready!

Note this run starts at 7.30am but the rest of our summer runs will start at 7am.

Festive dress so wear your best Christmas outfits, hats, socks and Christmas colours and there will be prizes for best costumes!

The run is followed by a special Christmas Morning tea and sharing of Santa gifts. For those who would like to participate just bring along a wrapped gift of $10 value to place under the tree and our Christmas Fairy (Elaine) will let everyone know when it is their turn to choose a present.

A very jolly Merry Christmas from the Committee to all our members!

2019 Handicap Trophy

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With the most exciting finish in years coming to a crescendo, five members, all on the verge of superstardom battled it out to win the most coveted prize of them all, the Handicap Trophy.

The name of the game is finishing positions, and today it wasn’t about finishing ahead of your rival, it was about finishing far enough up in the field of 60 runners…..

At the start of the day, Andrew Grosas lead the trophy charge, with Elizabeth Gomez, Rohan Thompson and Milton Mavrick all within 3 points and well within striking distance…. and don’t forget John Fisher, a lofty 20 points in arrears, but still capable of a last minute surge.

A top 5 finish would have sealed the trophy for any of the top four, though if they couldn’t manage that, it opened the door for John Fisher who then had to finish in the top 20 to jump all contenders and claim the trophy.

The top five positions came and went, with Rohan Thompson the first contender home, who came in a credible eighth.

It was now down to John Fisher, with 17 runners already having crossed the line, turning final, crossing the bridge, John was in a full sprint with Milton Mavrick, who I’m sure tried to push him into the river, (maybe a little editorial lenience here).

Milton using his well sharpened elbows kept John at bay, but it didn’t stop John’s doggedness, and with a personal best time of 46.46 finished in 20th place, thereby wrenching the trophy from Andrew Grosas’s grasp by one point.

Congratulations to John on a fabulous run and becoming the 2019 Handicap Trophy Champion

Winner John Fisher (#1167)

2nd Andrew Grosas (#1707)

3rd Rohan Thompson (#1781)

2020 Sunday Programme Revised

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As a result of AMA decision to adopt a postal approach for the 2020 Half Marathon Championships, some minor changes have been made to the programme. The revised programme is now on the website. There is no club run on 24th May as many members like to do the HBF Run for a Reason. A Club Half Marathon will be held at Deepwater Point on 31st May. There are 3 half marathons that qualify for the AMA Championship, and these are listed on the programme. Members can select a maximum of 2. Entries will open for this Championship in February.

December vetrun

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The new vetrun magazine is now available. Head to the Magazines Tab to download the High or Low Res version

World Masters Rankings

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Many of you will know of this excellent Rankings database, and some of you will have taken out the $25 personal subscription.

AMA has come to an agreement with the site organiser to provide full access to all members of clubs affiliated to AMA. This is initially a one year trial funded by AMA and starting on 1st January 2020. If you use the email address registered with MAWA you can set a password and gain access.

AMA will consider at the AGM in August whether to continue with this subscription into the future. If we do it will add $3 to the capitation fee that we pay for every affiliated club member.

Exciting climax to handicap trophy

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We can look forward to a thrilling Canning Caper this year as it is the final race in the 2019 Handicap Trophy and five members can win the Trophy:

Andrew Grosas (#1707)

Elizabeth Gomez (#1716)

Milton Mavrick (#193)

Rohan Thompson (#1781)

John Fisher (#1161)