AMA Hall of Fame

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Congratulations to Bob Schickert who will be inducted into AMA’s Hall of Fame in Brisbane this April.

WMA Toronto Officials

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Congratulations to Marion Buchanan, Toni Petts and Matt Vine for their selection as officials at the World Championships.

Virus Advice

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In view of the recent Novel Coronavirus outbreak in China the Australian Government has provided the following advice:

  1. People who have been in contact with confirmed novel coronavirus cases must be isolated in their home for 14 days after exposure.
  2. Returned travellers who have been in Hubei Province of China must be isolated in their home for 14 days after leaving Hubei Province other than for seeking individual medical care.

If this applies to you we kindly ask that you do not attend our events until medically cleared. We thank you for your understanding.

World record validated

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Congratulations to Paul Jeffery. We have just heard that his World record in the decathlon has been accepted.

Entry for Championships

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Entry form now back in action.

Vale John Ellard

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John Ellard has passed away in Darwin on 20 January aged 78 after a long battle with Parkinson’s. Our Sincere Condolences go to Elaine. Reminiscences by Bob Schickert below:

When John joined MAWA along with his wife Elaine over 20 years ago he was a strong runner for his age coming from I believe a background of Hash House Harriers. John ran and Elaine race walked and as John was very much my age, he was always someone I battled hard to beat. John and Elaine mixed well with club members as they were very social people in addition to their competitive spirit.

Some years ago health problems emerged for John and he and Elaine became less regular attendees at Sunday runs. However he did not give up. He mentioned a course near his home that he knew his way around without difficulty and he could keep reasonably fit using the circuit. It was always easy to discuss AFL matters with John with two of his nephews playing, an Ellard at Carlton and a Rance at Richmond.

State Championships Entry

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Entries are now open. See under “State championships”
Remember to enter before 25 February. No late entries.

Bunbury Geographe Gift

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The Bunbury Gift this year is Saturday 29 February and Sunday 1 March. Entries are now open. Follow this link:
Bunbury Gift

Membership fees

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Due to significant increases to the costs we incur for new members, (cloth bibs and tags), our fees for new members will increase to $50, (metro), and $42, (country),
Fees for past members rejoining are unchanged.

Handicap Trophy 2020

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The Handicap Trophy is a competition which includes a series of Sunday Handicap Runs held throughout the year.


Firstly due to the shortened program for 2020 there will be just 6 handicap events this year and only your best 4 results will count so you need to complete at least 4 of the events listed below to be eligible to compete for the trophy.

Secondly you need to have competed in at least 3 Sunday runs during the 6 months prior to the handicap events to have an authenticated handicap.

Only Members are eligible for the trophy.


Your four best finishing positions from all the handicap races are totalled up at the end of the season and the member with the lowest accumulated four finishing positions is the winner of the Handicap Trophy.


  1. February 16 – Woodbridge 10kH
  2. April 23 – UWA Track 10kH
  3. May 10 – Curtin 10kH
  4. July 19 – Sharks 10kH
  5. August 16 – Nedlands 10kH
  6. August 23 – City Rail 10.7kH