AMA Awards Announced

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Congratulations to our WA recipients:

Paul Jeffery has won the Multi Events trophy for his World Record M45 Decathlon performance of 7867 points

Bob Schickert has been inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame as Administrator

For full results watch the AMA Awards videos

Keeping in Touch

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As we enter this period with no club events the committee feel it is important that we keep in touch with our fellow athletes. How are you keeping fit, and what interesting is happening in your life.
To facilitate this the club has introduced two initiatives:
1. Vic will be maintaining a ‘Vetrun Extra’ page on the website, reached from a button on the home page. This will contain member stories and relevant items. Please send material for this page directly to Vic
2. We will reinvigorate the MAWA Closed Facebook page. To join the community contact Jen, (, or Silke, (, to get your name added to the group. Post anything you think might be of interest, and generate some lively debate.

MAWA track meets

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The Prime Minister’s statement this evening made it clear that it is now not ok for a group of 10 or more to congregate even in an open space.

MAWA is therefore cancelling our Tuesday and Thursday track meets with immediate effect.

WAAS tonight

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John Dennehy was due to open up tonight but unfortunately he has just been called to a meeting tonight and cannot be there. We are unable to get the keys to anyone else at such short notice, so our programme is cancelled.

Of course you are welcome to train, but please follow the protocol of not standing within 1.5 metres from other athletes.

April vetrun now available

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The new vetrun is now available. Head to the Magazines Tab to download the high or low res version,


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Dear member,

As you will be aware the situation with coronavirus is changing daily. The Government has reinforced advice on social distancing while the majority of sporting events have been cancelled, despite the fact that many are under the 500 limit for outdoor events.

The MAWA committee have therefore decided that we will cancel the upcoming State Championships and all Sunday runs with immediate effect.

We know how much you all enjoy our events and the social interaction, but we think this is the right decision.

We will continue to run our Thursday evening track meets at ECAC and WAAS, with track only from 24th March. As usual there will be no winter competition at WAAS. We typically get 10 – 20 athletes at these meets so social distancing is readily achievable. We will have sanitiser on the table and ask all athletes to handwash before and after touching paperwork or equipment.

Richard Blurton


Thornlie 2 rivers

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Please note that contrary to our programme there will be no morning tea at this run.


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Just to confirm that MAWA Sunday runs, track and field meets and our State Championships will all go ahead as planned.

However from 22nd March we will not allow any visitors at Sunday runs. This is to protect our members who look after the visitor table from the small risk of handling pens, paper, money etc.

This will only last as long as it is necessary.


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At this stage all MAWA events are ‘business as usual’, but we will keep you informed if there is any change to that status.

We ask all members to follow the guidelines below in order to keep our community as healthy as possible over the coming weeks and months.

We ask that you don’t attend Sunday runs, track and field meets, or any athletics training if you:
• have been in any of the declared zones in the past two weeks (currently Mainland China, Korea, Mongolia, Italy and Iran)
• have been in contact with anyone who has been travelling in those zones, or concerned you have been in contact with anyone who has Corona virus, or;
• you have the slightest dry cough or other flu-like symptoms.

Please take all precautions as much as possible to avoid the spreading of this virus and seek medical advice if you are concerned about your health and well-being. Please also avoid spitting during the course of the run.

In addition, we ask everyone to practice high levels of hygiene health (washing hands, sanitise etc) which are widely considered by health experts to be key to disease prevention and management.

We also ask that we avoid physical contact where possible. In our various medal ceremonies the presenter will not shake hands or hug or kiss award winners. Medal will be given by hand and not put around the recipient’s neck.

Keeping our community healthy over the next few months is paramount.

April TFNL

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The April TFNL is now available, access from the Magazines Tab.