WAAS – January 9 2018


in Track & Field Results


Lisa Limonas W45 14.1
Dave Wyatt M65 14.4
Sue Coate W50 14.7
Barrie Kernaghan M75 15.2
Vicki Cobby W45 14.8
Lynne Choate W60 15.3
David Baird M70 17.5
Peter Muller Vis 18.0
Nicola Hibbert W35 14.3
Grace McMahon Vis 14.5
Julie Wilson W60 18.0
Gay Wyatt W60 18.6
Mish Iskra W40 16.0
Jade Richards Vis 16.7
John Dennehy M55 17.1
Delia Baldock W55 17.3
Richard Wassell M50 16.4
Bridget Gibbons Vis 20.7
Jaxon Lanng Vis 21.1
Daniel Theunissen Vis 2:25.2
Nicola Hibbert W35 2:57.1
Edwin Drost Vis 3:00.3
Paul Scott-Taylor M60 3:01.8
David Baird M70 3:12.0
Julie Wilson W60 3:30.5
Delia Baldock W55 3:36.2
Lisa Limonas W45 8.9
Sue Coate W50 8.9
Vicki Cobby W45 9.1
Lynne Choate W60 9.4
Barrie Kernaghan M75 10.0
David Baird M70 10.2
Julie Wilson W60 11.4
Gay Wyatt W60 11.6
Nicola Hibbert W35 8.8
Jade Richards Vis 10.3
John Dennehy M55 10.5
Peter Muller Vis 10.9
Mish Iskra W40 9.9
Delia Baldock W55 10.6
Catherine Lanng Vis 11.0
Richard Wassell M50 9.8
Jaxon Lanng Vis 12.1
Bridget Gibbons Vis 12.4
Rob Nichols M40 16:59.9
Edwin Drost Vis 18:06.0
Paul Scott-Taylor M60 22:15.6
Daniel Theunissen Vis 10:56.9
Karen Theunissen Vis 14:58.8
Julie Wilson W60 15:38.7
David Baird M70 15:38.7
Long Jump
Vicki Cobby W45 3.77m
Lisa Limonas W45 4.35m
Carol Bowman W60 2.89m
Gay Wyatt W60 3.17m
Dave Wyatt M65 4.01m
Sue Coate W50 3.93m
Peter Muller Vis 2.94m
Bonny O Loughlin W45 3.66m
Andrew Ward M55 29.54m
Yolanda Carstens W50 25.03m
Rob Shand M85 17.25m
Cheryl McMahon W40 22.49m
Grace McMahon Vis 23.80m
Norman Stanger M80 16.64m
Chris Schelfhout W50 20.20m
Mish Iskra W40 19.58m
Bonny O Loughlin W45 28.20m
Greg Wilson M70 27.00m
Carol Bowman W60 10.30m
Sue Coate W50 25.89m
Vicki Cobby W45 20.33m
Peter Muller Vis 19.15m
Gay Wyatt W60 12.33m
Todd Davey M50 50.89m
Norman Stanger M80 18.99m
Peter Muller Vis 22.64m
Bailey Dawson Vis 37.92m
Rob Shand M85 17.40m
Chris Schelfhout W50 15.58m
Mish Iskra W40 25.92m
Andrew Ward M55 30.24m
Greg Wilson M70 30.14m


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