Patron’s Trophy

These two trophies are for the winners (male and female) of an early season competition of track and field events. Results are age-graded, with the best ten counting towards the athlete’s total. Rules have changed several times during the life of the competition, but currently athletes must include at least three field events, including at least one jump and one throw. A list of the winners appears below.

1978-79 Ross Holland
1979-80 David Carr Dorothy Whittam
1980-81 Andy Wright Lorna Butcher
1981-82 Allen Tyson Lorna Butcher
1982-83 Andy Wright Jan Fletcher
1983-84 Dick Horsley Jan Fletcher
1984-85 Dick Horsley Jan Fletcher
1985-86 Basil Worner Jan Fletcher
1986-87 Basil Worner Jan Fletcher
1987-88 Keith Martin Joy Sanger
1988-89 David Carr Pat Carr
1989-90 David Carr Peggy Macliver
1990-91 David Carr Peggy Macliver
1991-92 David Carr Peggy Macliver
1992-93 David Carr Pat Carr
1993-94 Keith Martin Jill Chambers
1994-95 Keith Martin Anne Shaw
1995-96 David Carr Peggy Macliver
1996-97 David Carr Dorothy Whittam
1997-98 David Carr Peggy Macliver
1998-99 Brian Foley Peggy Macliver
1999-00 David Carr Peggy Macliver
2000-01 Bob Schickert Peggy Macliver
2001-02 David Carr Lynne Schickert
2002-03 Bob Schickert Lynne Schickert
2003-04 David Carr Peggy Macliver
2004-05 David Carr Liz Neville
2005-06 Henri Cortis Liz Neville
2006-07 David Carr Peggy Macliver
2008 David Carr Peggy Macliver
2009 Campbell Till Peggy Macliver
2010 David Carr Peggy Macliver
2011 David Carr Peggy Macliver
2012 David Carr Peggy Macliver
2013 David Carr Gillian Young
2014 David Carr Cathy McCloskey
2015 David Carr Suzi Graves
2016 David Carr Carol Bowman
2017 David Carr Sue Coate
2018 Campbell Till Gillian Young
2019 David Carr Jenn Parker
2020 Colin Smith Barbara Blurton
2021 Jack Reid Sue Coate
2022 Campbell Till Sue Coate


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