June committee meeting summary



  • Membebership increased by 18 to 517
  • Preference for Herdsman Run to start at the Pony club, so in future years will aim to schedule this on a day the Pony club do not have a meeting
  • Trial use of a video camera at finishing shute was very successful. Will now purchase a camera for regular use
  • Presentation breakfast for medals for RRC/RWC and half marathon will be at marathon club rooms on 12th July
  • Initial planning to start for 2016 programme
  • Perth 2016 reps attended the official opening of new ECAC track. MAWA programme at ECAC to start 2 nd
  • State Championships next year will be at ECAC 19th/20th Arrangements in hand to set up electronic timing. Pentathlons date not yet fixed
  • Club annual dinner was very good and enjoyed by all. Needs to be more extensively promoted next year.
  • A new feature on the website is allowing us to more easily send out emails for important announcements. It was first used to send a link for the June vetrun
  • Initial feedback on the new uniforms is that comfort is very good, and the general style is liked. Joan will now work on final design, with a target to get the uniform available to members later in the year.


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