Important notice to Members – 2018 AMA Nationals



Please see below an important note to all members from 2018 AMA Nationals Treasurer Keith Hill

“Fellow Masters Athletes, 

As many of you will be already be aware, MAWA has responsibility for organising the 2018 AMA Nationals here in Perth. This will take place over the period 26-29 April. There is considerable cost involved in staging an event of this scale. Much of this cost is borne by entry fees. However if we are to keep the entry costs within acceptable limits, and ensure that MAWA does not make a financial loss, then we will need to partner with event sponsors. The best way to secure committed sponsors is through personal contact. The committee has produced a sponsorship proposal document and will be spreading its net as wide as possible. However, we are also asking for your help. If you think the companies and organisations that you work for, and with, might have a community support budget or would be interested in providing sponsorship, please provide a committee member with contact details and we can take it from there. 
Keith Hill”


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