November Committee Meeting Summary



  • At this stage it appears that all of our 2018 runs will be approved by local councils. The programme and 2018 membership form will be on the website w/c 13th November
  • Short course RRC/RWC will take place May/June in parallel with the full RRC/RWC
  • Colin Smith attended the AWA AGM on behalf of the club
  • A new Tuesday/Thursday sign-in sheet will be produced allowing throwers and jumpers to sign onto the same sheet as runners
  • Full stock-take of all throws equipment has been completed by Jenn Parker. A minimum number of new items are required
  • Perth 2018 website is up and running. All profits from merchandise sale will go to the Perth Zoo’s numbat recovery programme. An article on AMA Champs will appear in December vetrun
  • Seven issues raised at the AGM were discussed by the committee:
    1. Children of members will not be charged visitor fees
    2. Recommendation for our Auditor will be made each year by the Treasurer to the AGM, for approval by the AGM
    3. Appropriate levels of cash are kept in our current account and term deposits
    4. Committee supports encouraging members to get iron-on numbers with their names. A sentence on this will be included in the welcome letter to new members, and a reminder put in vetrun
    5. The clear lines of responsibility for safety have been better defined in our documentation, and are clearly understood by the committee
    6. We can confirm that our insurance has no upper age limit
    7. A suggestion was made that, similar to some other sports, we grade athletes into say a, b and c grade and have competitions at that level, allowing more lower ranked athletes to win awards. The committee takes that view that with our handicaps and achievement awards, there is adequate opportunity for these athletes to win trophies.


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