Vale Alison Aldrich



Alison Aldrich, member 78 and mother of Sean Keane, passed away on Sunday 17th December.

Bob Schickert has fond memories of Alison and writes:

Thirty years ago when we arrived in Perth, Alison and Brian Aldrich were regular club Sunday runners and they were also race directors. They started their event from Hurlingham St in South Perth and most of the athletes went on to morning tea arranged by them at the Hurlingham hotel just up the road. Very nice.

I think Ted Maslen was first in that day for the race which went down the freeway towards Canning Bridge and back. I remember because I was just behind him and it was very hot for an athlete from Melbourne.

Running time for Alison was limited by the time and effort she put in to her studies in financial planning and then a many year legal degree which resulted in the setting up of her operation of Alison Legal in Victoria Park.

Alison was a member of the organising committee for the 1989 AMA Championships held in Perth, with David Carr being the chair.

Alison and Brian were very friendly towards us as we were newcomers to Perth and the club. We were invited to their home in Bullcreek.

In recent years with Brian not as healthy as he had been appearances at Sunday events by the Aldrichs were infrequent but when they came along they were always very friendly.

Over recent years our news of Alison has been patchy but that does not lessen the shock at her sudden and very sad passing.


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