Membership of Cannington Gyms

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Through our track bookings, MAWA is a registered club with Canning Council.

They are offering very attractive gym memberships for members of registered clubs – see the attached

November TFNL

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This edition is now available to download – head to the TFNL tab.

OMA Championships 2023

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To read the latest Press Release on next year’s Oceania Masters Championships Click here

Committee Summary June to September

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My apologies that I have been rather lax with this slot over the past year – Richard.

As a number of councils now prohibit the use of stakes in the grass we have retired the roped finish chute and will use cones at all runs

We met with the Road Run finish team and agreed that, a) 4 helpers will be allocated to the finish area at all runs, b) Race Director will not carry out a helper duty, c) Race Director documentation will be updated, d) reminders each week to wear bib and token

Agreed that if members want their name added to their bib number then this will be funded by the club

Agreed a $10 increase to fees so that our expected financial outcome for the following year is break even

Agreed Father’s Day should be a breakfast day event which will be held in the community hall at Wireless Hill

Half Marathon finish area is too small – agreed to move it back onto the large grassed area behind the Dome cafe

The publicity drive for David Carr’s world record spree to await ratification of the records by WMA and then be managed by Silke Peglow

Arthur Leggett

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104 year old Arthur Leggett will join us at the Kalamunda Railway event (tomorrow) Sunday 16 October shortly after 9am.
All welcome to come and say hello to this remarkable gentleman.

Throws at ECAC

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There is a structural fault with the throws cage at ECAC and the current estimate for repair is 5 weeks.

There will be no hammer throw during this period but we hope to continue with discus using a temporary cage. This is subject to a safety check to be carried out on 13th October.

A revised programme has been published.

Check the website for further updates.

October vetrun available

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The October vetrun is now available. Head to the Magazines Tab to download the High or Low Res version.

October TFNL

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The October TFNL is now available. Head for the TFNL tab to download.

WMA Indoor Championships Torun

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See Newsletter number 1

Important Sunday Run Change

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Due to unavailability of Gwelup on 27th November the Woodman Point and
Gwelup dates have been switched. Gwelup is now 20th November and Woodman 27th November.

If you print the programme we suggest you destroy the old copy and print again.

If you had put your name down as a helper for either run and cannot make the new date, please let Richard Blurton know.