TFNL March 2023

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The March TFNL is now available for downloading from the website. Head to the TFNL tab.

Perry Lakes event 12th March

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We have a new Start/Finish location this year and a new course.

See the course map on the website. Parking options:

  1. In the parking bays on the road either side of the START / FINISH – limited number of bays.
  2. Camel Lake Parking Area.  This is west of the START / FINISH.
  3. Parking near Cup & Co Café and the playground.  This is east of the START / FINISH.
  4. Parking bays along Perry Lakes Drive.


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Reminder that entries close tomorrow, Friday 24 February.

14th March at WAAS

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Due to the absence of most of the organisers, there will be no track or jumps competition on 14th March.

However the throws events will go ahead – thanks to Mike for bringing out the implements.

March 14th at WAAS

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The organisers of our WAAS Tuesday meets and a number of regular competitors are all in Sydney that day for the National Championships.

If someone would like to take on responsibility for the meet that day then please let Richard Blurton know.

If I don’t hear then the meet will be cancelled. Members can of course still go for training.

David Carr item on ABC tonight, (Saturday), 7pm news

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It is also airing on News 24 and can be seen on iView as catch up

ABC item on David Carr and MAWA

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Click here to see this item.

There will also be a slot on ABC news carrying the story. As soon as we know a definite date we will put it on the website, but in any case it can be seen in catch up on ABC iView.

AMA enewsletter

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Click here to read the February newsletter from AMA

New MAWA Logo

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The MAWA logo has been around for as long as anyone can remember.

The Club will adopt this new logo with immediate effect. It retains the black swan emblem and the black and gold theme, but gives a fresher and more modern look.

The new logo will appear on new uniforms as we order them. It is important to understand that this does not represent a new uniform as such, which means that the previous uniform, (white with gold and black vertical stripes), remains valid for State and National competition.

Where we have stock available, purchasers of uniforms may well receive one with the old logo.

February vetrun

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The February vetrun is now available. Head to the Magazines Tab to download the High or Low Res version