Claypit Circuit – October 19 2014


in Road Results

Unfortunately due to technical problems with the timing device we only have times for the first ~24mins.
If you know your time please feel free to get in contact with Lorraine Lopes

10km Run
Kim Thomas M40 38:20
Tony Smith M40 40:14
Chris Maher M60 40:47
Ian Carson M60 41:14
Paul Odam M50
Sue Zlnay W50 43:22
Clare Wardle W40 43:27
John Allen M55 43:40
Peter March M55 44:38
Ross Keane M50 44:39
Giovanni Puglisi M60 44:40
Karen March W50
Jim Klinge M65
Craig Trudgian M50 45:45
Tristan Bell M45 45:47
Edward Beck M35 45:52
Don Pattinson M60 46:45
Mark Dawson M50
Chris Pattinson W55 48:39
David Baird M70
Karen Peace W40
Sean Keane M50
John Fisher M50
Graham Thornton M70 52:38
Steve Cook M35
Denise Newport W50 51:02
Rochelle Airey W45
Kem Hassan M40
Alan Thornley M60
Raymond Gimi M50 55:10
Lui Cecotti M65 55:13
Gary Fisher M60
Bob Schickert M70 58:15
Clive Choate M60
John Talbot M65 58:51
Frank Price M65
Chris Coles M40
David Carr M80 60:30
6.8km Run
Paul Hughes M60
Bruce Wilson M65
Blakeney Tindall M50
Ivan Brown M65
Mark Hewitt M60
Monique Thomas W35
Wade Davis M45 40:45
Melissa Hassan W40
Paul Martin M70
John Pellier M70
Greg Wilson M65
Steve Clark M70
Bob Fawcett M65
Carolyn Fawcett W60
3.7km Run
V9 14:25
Amanda Walker W45 15:19
V8 17:22
V6 17:31
Carol Bowman W55 19:00
Delia Baldock W50 19:15
Hamish McGlashan M75 19:46
Nick Miletic M60 19:52
Mike Anderson M65 20:53
Martin Watkins M65 20:55
Vic Waters M70 21:34
Peggy Macliver W70 22:11
Lynne Choate W60 22:49
Sarah Ladwig W65 23:04
Theresa Howe W60 23:05
V5 23:06
V13 23:27
Mitch Loly M70
Toni Frank W65
Melinda Fisher W45
Cecil Walkley M85
10km Walk
Julie Wilson W60
6.8km Walk
Wendy Farrow W45 47:25
John McDonagh M65
Johan Hagedoorn M70
Irwin Barrett-Lennard M85
Lynne Schickert W70 54:57
Elaine Dance W60
Ray Hall M80
John Smith M75
Bob Fergie M75
Stan Lockwood M85
Rosa Wallis W70
3.7km Walk
Sue Lloyd W60
Joseph Patroni M55
Joan Pellier W70
Denise Viala W60
Elaine Sillery W80
John Bell M65


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