ECAC – August 13 2020


in Track & Field Results

**Pending Australian Record
*State Record

Michelle Krokosz W35 30.4
David Adams M40 31.2
Sue Coate W50 32.6
Carmel Meyer W55 33.4
John Bailey Vis 31.9
Nick Fairweather M65 37.5
Bob Han-Busi Vis 49.5
Cecil Walkley M90 2:40.7
Dylan Bailey Vis 2:46.0
Mike Lawson M35 2:48.1
Andrew Davison M55 3:20.9
Roberto Busi M40 3:21.2
Campbell Till M60 3:37.1
John Bailey Vis 3:58.7
Paul Falconer M60 4:02.1
Heather Longworth W50 4:10.7
Barbara Blurton W70 4:11.2*
Bruce McGeorge M65 4:14.7
Oliver Berry M30 4:15.4
David Adams M40 4:21.3
Jackie Halberg W70 5:27.3
Cecil Walkley M90 14:10.4
David Adams M40 15.5
Nick Fairweather M65 16.6
Paul Falconer M60 16.8
Bob Han-Busi Vis 18.8
Heather Longworth W50 21.2
Oliver Berry M30 1:53.7
Heather Longworth W50 2:24.8
Bruce McGeorge M65 2:26.2
Carmel Meyer W55 2:27.0
Paul Falconer M62 2:27.9
Barbara Blurton W70 2:33.2
Cecil Walkley M90 8:38.0
Roberto Busi M40 9:14.5
Andrew Davison M55 11:15.8
Andy Abbey M50 11:58.5
Heather Longworth W50 13:32.3
Alan Gray M55 13:45.1
Jim Langford M75 13:56.2
David Adams M40 14:15.6
John Dennehy (walk) M60 20:44.9
Weight Throw
Todd Davey M50 17.55m
Oliver Berry M30 7.02m
Super Weight Throw
Jenn Parker W50 8.14m*
Geoffrey Gee M65 7.55m**
Ossi Igel M65 7.16m
Oliver Berry M30 4.39m
Andrea Penny W40 3.48m*
Todd Davey M50 14.53m
Geoffrey Gee M65 11.97m
Ossi Igel M65 10.52m
Jenn Parker W50 10.05m
Sue Coate W50 9.74m
Michelle Krokosz W35 9.43m
Andrea Penny W40 5.09m


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