ECAC – July 30 2020


in Track & Field Results

**Pending Australian Record
*State Record

Michael Baker Vis 43.5
Rylan Klopper Vis 45.6
Alyssa Mckean Vis 48.2
Emma Bentley W40 54.3
Keith Redpath M65 50.9
Nick Fairweather M65 60.3
Maureen Keshwar W65 63.3
Roberto Busi M40 74.7
Bob Han-Busi Vis 81.5
Cecil Walkley M90 4:02.4
1 mile
Noah Bailey Vis 5:33.7
Chico Subramanian M60 5:57.5
Shane Klopper M50 6:01.1
Steve Hossack M55 6:35.7
Michael Byrne M65 6:38.9
John Bailey Vis 6:41.0
David Adams M40 7:03.7
Devon Dudley Vis 7:09.5
Mike Meredith Vis 7:12.1
Emma Bentley W40 7:28.1
John McDonagh (walk) M70 10:24.4
Lynne Schickert (walk) W75 13:40.4
Cecil Walkley M90 22:18.1
David Adams M40 14.3
Emma Bentley W40 15.4
Nick Fairweather M65 15.8
Maureen Keshwar W65 16.0
Shane Klopper M50 14.2
Keith Redpath M65 14.5
Alyssa Mckean Vis 15.0
Bob Han-Busi Vis 18.3
Kevin Collins M50 21.0
Roberto Busi M40 15:57.5
Dylan Bailey Vis 16:34.0
Michael Baker Vis 19:43.0
Chico Subramanian M60 19:50.8
Steve Hossack M55 20:32.1
Amity Dudley Vis 20:58.1
Mike Meredith Vis 23:02.4
David Adams M40 27:34.0
Bob Britton M60 28:50.7
John McDonagh (walk) M70 19:20.5
Bob Schickert M75 19:47.7
Steve Travell M60 26:53.7
Dylan Bailey Vis 2:21.8
Rylan Klopper Vis 2:29.7
Noah Bailey Vis 2:32.1
Alyssa Mckean Vis 2:37.7
John Bailey Vis 2:53.5
Oliver Berry M30 3:00.8
Michael Byrne M65 2:58.0
Jenn Parker W50 3:05.5
Bob Han-Busi Vis 3:57.4
Lynne Schickert (walk) W75 6:53.0
Cecil Walkley M90 10:11.1
Weight Throw
Warren Button M30 17.76m**
Todd Davey M50 17.67m
Geoff Gee M65 14.38m
Ossi Igel M65 14.19m
Jenn Parker W50 11.89m
Andrea Penny W40 5.29m
Super Weight Throw
Jenn Parker W50 7.43m
Andrea Penny W40 3.28m
Mike Anderson M70 2.04m*
Todd Davey M50 13.68m
Warren Button M30 11.37m
Geoff Gee M65 11.91m
Ossi Igel M65 10.35m
Jenn Parker W50 9.42m
Hans Venter M55 8.85m
Oliver Berry M30 8.52m
Mike Anderson M70 6.15m
Andrea Penny W40 4.62m


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