ECAC – June 29 2023


in Track & Field Results

Dominic Lagat M35 61.89
Dayna Lagat Vis 73.87
David Adams M45 74.23
Naomi Lagat W35 75.14
Philip Higgins Vis 82.0(h)
Larissa Lagat Vis 88.5(h)
Karyn Tolardo W55 1:43.1(h)
Bruce McGeorge M65 1:45.5(h)
Dominic Lagat M35 13.65
Dave Wilkie M65 14.98
Philip Higgins Vis 15.52
Brad Hollins M45 18.10
Milt Mavrick M65 18.75
Dominic Lagat M35 2:29.9(h)
David Adams M45 2:49.97
Emily Bailey Vis 2:53.14
Dayna Lagat Vis 2:58.45
Brad Hollins M45 3:09.03
Larissa Lagat Vis 3:14.37
Naomi Lagat W35 3:24.65
Karyn Tolardo W55 3:49.41
800m walk
Fiona van Heerwaarden W45 4:36.81
Dominic Lagat M35 28.59
Dave Wilkie M65 32.47
Dominic Lagat M35 11:44.97
David Adams M45 12:33.72
Paul Every M55 13:51.90
Naomi Lagat W35 14:24.57
Brad Hollins M45 15:03.13
Bruce McGeorge M65 16:39.47
Milt Mavrick M65 16:49.68
3000m walk
Karyn Tolardo W55 17:48.50
Fiona van Heerwaarden W45 20:13.93
Glenys Duncan W80 27:27.37


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