WAAS – March 15 2016


in Track & Field Results

Lee Stergiou M40 7.8
Barrie Kernaghan M75 9.5
Fran Cherry W50 9.6
Nick MIletic M65 9.9
Chris Morgan M40 8.3
Gin Ang M50 8.5
Tracy Bauer W30 9.5
Juliana Kelly W50 9.6
Mark Whyte M45 9.2
Max Sulejmani M45 10.6
Ted Miller M70 11.7
Rudy Kocis M50 7.5
Gin Ang M50 8.5
Colin Smith M50 8.5
Brian Hewitt M60 9.8
Cecil Walkley M85 30.5
Brian Kinneen M50 2:37.1
Campbell Till M55 2:47.5
Brian Hewitt M60 2:47.7
Mark Whyte M45 3:03.6
Alan Gray M50 3:06.5
Wayne Byram M40 3:09.0
Ivan Brown M70 3:09.2
Frank Gardiner M65 3:10.0
Juliana Kelly W50 3:14.9
Tracy Bauer W30 3:15.2
Max Sulejmani M45 3:16.7
Cecil Walkley M85 7:45.1
800m walk
Sylvia Byers W80 6:22.3
Maurice Pascal M40 62.4
Mark Whyte M45 75.1
Barrie Kernaghan M75 77.9
Max Sulejmani M45 1:32.0
Colin Smith M50 63.7
Brian Hewitt M60 76.4
Juliana Kelly W50 79.2
Tracy Bauer W30 80.3
Alan Gray M50 81.2
Cecil Walkley M85 4:11.5
Brian Kineen M50 7:35.8
Keith Hill M55 7:41.9
Frank Gardiner M65 8:34.7
Ivan Brown M70 9:08.2
John Oldfield M70 9:41.4
John Dennehy M55 10:30.7
2000m walk
Sylvia Byers W80 16:09.7
Long Jump
Dave Wyatt M60 4.33m
Phil Smyth M65 3.92m
Fran Cherry W50 3.21m
Gay Wyatt W60 3.13m
Triple Jump
Phil Smyth M65 8.15m
Fran Cherry W50 7.39m
Gay Wyatt W60 6.64m
Todd Davey M45 13.30m
Matt Staunton M40 13.25m
Geoff Gee M60 12.51m
Sally Sims W35 8.15m
Todd Davey M45 43.14m
Matt Staunton M40 35.64m
Geoff Gee M60 33.16m
Rob Shand M80 19.60m


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