ECAC – March 15 2018


in Track & Field Results

*State Record

Bernie Riviere M50 7.9
Colin Smith M55 7.9
Rob Colton M50 9.6
Greg Kennedy M65 13.5
Jenn Parker W45 9.3
Maureen Keshwar W65 9.7
Nick Fairweather M65 10.0
David Clive M80 10.2
Andrea Penny W40 10.7
Bob Hull M70 10.8
Cecil Walkley M85 33.6
Bob Schickert M75 11.4
Julie Wilson W60 11.8
Lynne Schickert W75 14.9
Keith Hill M55 2:29.8
Matt Godfrey M40 2:31.2
Vanessa Carson W35 2:35.6
Chris Groom M50 2:39.8
Rob Colton M50 2:41.3
Rob Cattrall M60 2:48.6
Alan Gray M55 2:53.8
Wayne Byram M45 2:56.6
Steve Fuller M65 3:01.0
Bob Hull M70 3:09.6
Giovanni Puglisi M65 2:48.9
Jenn Parker W45 3:02.0
Bert Carse M75 3:09.1
Colin Smith M55 3:10.8
Barbara Blurton W65 3:11.7
Janne Wells W45 3:20.5
Dante Giacomin M45 3:23.2
Barry Newell M60 3:24.4
Gillian Young W70 3:24.6
Carol Bowman W60 3:25.1
Julie Wilson W60 3:37.4
Claire Walkley W50 3:49.3
Cecil Walkley M85 9:36.9
Bernie Riviere M50 12.7
Colin Smith M55 12.7
Steve Fuller M65 14.7
Rob Colton M50 15.8
Jenn Parker W45 15.3
Barry Newell M60 15.9
Maureen Keshwar W65 16.3
David Clive M80 17.2
Keith Hill M55 20.3
John Dennehy M55 17.4
Andrea Penny W40 17.9
Julie Wilson W60 19.8
Cecil Walkley M85 60.6
Rob Colton M50 22:05.5
Matt Godfrey M40 22:16.6
Alan Gray M55 22:23.2
Claire Walkley W50 26:34.2
John Oldfield M70 27:36.8
5000m walk
Wayne Byram M45 29:01.2
Karyn Tolardo W50 29:48.3
Vanessa Carson W35 11:33.1
Rob Cattrall M60 11:42.2
Giovanni Puglisi M65 12:15.6
Bob Hull M70 13:30.4
Graeme Dahl M65 13:56.2
Gillian Young W70 14:37.4
Dante Giacomin M45 14:55.0
David Carr M85 15:38.0
Carol Bowman W60 16:20.9
Julie Wilson W60 16:49.1
3000m walk
John McDonagh M65 20:17.6
Haydn Gawne M70 20:23.4
John Dennehy M55 21:48.4
Lynne Schickert W75 23:41.7
Long Jump
Jenn Parker W45 4.28m
Steve Fuller M65 3.73m
Maureen Keshwar W65 3.33m
Janne Wells W45 3.30m
Carol Bowman W60 2.64m
Julie Wilson W60 2.41m
Lynne Schickert W75 2.06m
Matt Staunton M40 42.79m
Alex De Silva Vis 38.19m
Ossi Igel M65 34.87m
Garry Parker M50 19.42m
Janne Wells W45 19.30m
Ossi Igel M65 16.15m*
Matt Staunton M40 12.76m
Alex De Silva Vis 9.44m
Janne Wells W45 8.02m
Andrea Penny W40 5.23m


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