ECAC – November 21 2019


in Track & Field Results

Chris Neale M50 13.25
Colin Smith M55 13.78
Oliver Berry M30 15.03
Steve Fuller M65 15.22
Des Walsh M65 15.39
Lee Fox Vis 15.63
Maureen Keshwar W65 16.60
Nick Fairweather M65 17.76
Janne Wells W50 18.75
Cecil Walkley M90 66.6h
Andy Abbey M50 3:12.71
Chris Neale M50 3:24.21
Vanessa Carson W40 3:29.59
Fiona Leonard W50 3:34.76
Olivia Hillson Vis 3:36.20
Aidan Edmondstone Vis 3:43.34
Jasmine Smedely Vis 3:44.67
Bella Edmondstone Vis 3:46.47
Brodie Emms Vis 3:51.21
David Adams M40 3:52.72
Campbell Pilling Vis 4:42.62
Jorja Pilling Vis 4:42.83
Cecil Walkley M90 13:04.48
Jasmine Smedely Vis 71.38
Olivia Hillson Vis 76.99
Brodie Emms Vis 77.54
Alicia Coles Vis 77.70
Aidan Edmondstone Vis 78.39
Bella Edmondstone Vis 82.23
Jorja Pilling Vis 1:33.52
Campbell Pilling Vis 1:37.03
Oliver Berry M30 65.97
Lee Fox Vis 66.18
Colin Smith M55 68.11
Chris Neale M50 68.52
Steve Fuller M65 68.53
Allan Pilling Vis 75.64
David Carr M85 89.03
Cecil Walkley M90 5:06.85
Vanessa Carson W40 11:48.40
Alicia Coles Vis 12:08.82
Andy Abbey M50 12:11.71
Chris Neale M50 12:17.04
David Adams M40 13:19.57
Allan Pilling Vis 13:37.44
Wayne Bariolo M50 14:04.93
Bruce McGeorge M65 14:24.74
Janne Wells W50 16:24.42
Jackie Halberg W70 19:25.08
Janne Wells W50 30.34m
Bev Hamilton W70 24.60m
Garry Parker M55 23.77m
Bruce McGeorge M65 19.99m
Kristine Wells Vis 16.13m
Maureen Keshwar W65 14.53m
Jenn Parker W50 10.63m
Bev Hamilton W70 9.47m
Maureen Keshwar W65 8.20m
Garry Parker M55 8.17m
Suzanne Farcich W60 7.15m
Wayne Bariolo M50 13.3h 81.80
Jason Kell M40 14.1h 72.48
Hans Venter M55 14.2h 79.23
Des Walsh M65 15.3h 78.89
David Adams M40 14.6h 70.00
Jenn Parker W50 15.0h 79.00
Vanessa Carson W40 16.6h 66.20
Delia Baldock W55 18.1h 68.23
David Carr M85 20.6h 73.98
Triple Jump
Wayne Bariolo M50 9.32m 61.07
Hans Venter M55 9.26m 64.80
Jenn Parker W50 8.74m 68.82
Colin Smith M55 8.64m n/a
Oliver Berry M30 8.54m n/a
Kristine Wells Vis 8.13m n/a
Jason Kell M40 7.57m 44.01
Delia Baldock W55 7.08m 59.70
David Adams M40 6.52m 37.91
Des Walsh M65 6.39m 51.70
Vanessa Carson W40 6.06m 42.14
David Carr M85 4.38m 52.64


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