WAAS – August 9 2016


in Track & Field Results

Rob Nichols M35 2:23.7
Fiona Leonard W45 2:34.6
Vanessa Carson W35 2:37.4
Henri Cortis M70 3:02.5
Cecil Walkley M85 7:17.3
David Solomon M50 8.9
Sue Coate W50 9.0
Cate Mansfield W45 9.9
Des Walsh M60 12.8
Vanessa Carson W35 9.9
Delia Baldock W50 10.5
Fred Nayler Vis 24.5
Cecil Walkley M85 27.5
David Solomon M50 68.2
Fiona Leonard W45 68.9
Vanessa Carson W35 70.1
Barrie Kernaghan M75 77.2
Cate Mansfield W45 77.8
Carmel Meyer W55 79.7
Delia Baldock W50 83.1
Des Walsh M60 1:32.9
Cecil Walkley M85 3:26.8
High Jump
Andrew Brooker M45 1.50m
Dave Wyatt M65 1.35m
Sue Coate W50 1.25m
Lisa Limonas W45 1.25m
Nick Boccardo M50 1.25m
Donna Abbey W40 1.05m
Gay Wyatt W60 1.00m
Todd Davey M45 16.45m
Bryony Glass W35 16.11m
Sarah Edmiston W40 11.27m
Bryony Glass W35 50.24m
Sarah Edmiston W40 32.85m


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