WAAS – December 20 2016


in Track & Field Results

Glenn Ross M45 23.7
Win Small Vis 25.2
David Adams M40 31.9
Cecil Walkley M85 1:51.2
Geoff Allen M50 28.6
Des Walsh M60 31.0
Mark Dawson M55 31.2
Annmarie O’Donovan Vis 31.4
Geoff Brayshaw M65 31.6
Barrie Kernaghan M75 40.0
Andrew Spratt M45 2:26.5
Mark Dawson M55 2:37.9
Henri Cortis M70 2:50.9
Campbell Till M55 2:53.1
David Adams M40 3:02.8
Annmarie O’Donovan Vis 3:10.6
Maurice Creagh M70 3:23.0
Carol Bowman W60 3:26.8
Cecil Walkley M85 7:52.2
Glenn Ross M45 11.6
Win Small Vis 12.0
Eliza Wilson Vis 12.2
Mark Crook M55 13.9
Gin Ang M50 13.4
Geoff Allen M50 14.0
David Adams M40 14.3
Des Walsh M60 14.5
Barrie Kernaghan M75 19.7
Alexandra Meek W30 11:43.9
Daniel Sly M30 12:16.0
Alan Gray M50 12:34.4
Mark Dawson M55 13:04.9
David Adams M40 13:15.5
Michael Lee M65 13:35.7
Long Jump
Geoff Brayshaw M65 4.35m
Triple Jump
Sarah Hillyer Vis 10.14m
Todd Davey M50 51.08m
Tom Gravestock M60 47.63m
Geoff Brayshaw M65 25.43m
Chris Schelfhout W45 21.38m
Todd Davey M50 14.48m
Tom Gravestock M60 12.05m
Alex De Silva Vis 8.82m
Chris Shelfhout W45 7.05m


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