WAAS – February 1 2022


in Track & Field Results

Glenn Rogers M55 14.6
Paz Storey W35 15.0
Juliana Kelly W55 15.7
Norm Richards M80 16.8
Dave Wilkie M60 16.9
Barrie Kernaghan M80 21.6
Marcus Nichols Vis 18.1
Rachel Nichols Vis 18.3
Glenn Rogers M55 2:42.4
Campbell Till M60 2:43.2
Paz Storey W35 3:10.3
David Baird M75 3:29.6
Marcus Nichols Vis 3:43.5
Karyn Tolardo (walk) W55 4:38.9
Johan Hagedoorn (walk) M75 5:23.0
Paz Storey W35 9.6
Dave Wilkie M60 10.0
Norm Richards M80 10.0
Des Walsh M65 9.6
Juliana Kelly W55 10.0
Barrie Kernaghan M80 13.5
Adam Fiala M80 15.5
Rob Nichols M40 10:54.4
David Adams M45 11:29.9
Glenn Rogers M55 11:51.1
Marcus Nichols Vis 13:59.5
David Baird M75 15:18.5
Rachel Nichols Vis 15:21.0
3000m walk
Karyn Tolardo W55 18:16.6
Johan Hagedoorn M75 21:36.9
Glenys Duncan W80 27:43.4
1500m walk
Sylvia Byers W85 13:54.0
Todd Davey M55 14.98m
Andrew Ward M60 9.17m
Daniel Mostert Vis 8.72m
Des Walsh M65 7.82m
Norman Stanger M80 6.71m
Mike Anderson M70 6.04m
Todd Davey M55 43.10m
Andrew Ward M60 37.88m
Des Walsh M65 23.75m
Norman Stanger M80 15.72m
Mike Anderson M70 15.20m


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