WAAS – January 12 2016


in Track & Field Results

Wendy Seegers W35 24.4
Lee Stergiou M40 24.7
Stuart Evans Vis 28.8
Mark Dawson M50 31.3
Garry Ralston M60 26.6
Maurice Pascal M40 28.3
David Solomon M50 29.2
David Adams M35 31.8
Barrie Kernaghan M75 31.9
Anne Pugh Vis 32.6
Simone Solomon W45 33.5
Grace McMahon Vis 33.9
Carol Bowman W60 36.8
Rob Nichols M35 4:36.5
Vanessa Carson W35 5:27.8
Mark Dawson M50 5:43.5
David Adams M35 6:27.1
Tracy Bauer W35 6:58.1
Allan Billington M55 7:26.1
Cecil Walkley M85 14:03.9
1500m walk
Sylvia Byers W80 11:49.6
Lorna Lauchlan W85 12:58.4
Nick Best M35 58.9
Lee Stergiou M40 60.1
Campbell Till M55 61.8
David Solomon M50 66.7
Stuart Evans Vis 67.6
Allan Billington M55 83.6
Mark Dawson M50 66.5
Maurice Pascal M40 66.8
Garry Ralston M60 68.6
Jane Lockwood W35 71.5
David Adams M35 76.1
Simone Solomon W45 83.3
Vanessa Carson W35 73.0
Anne Pugh Vis 75.1
Alan Gray M50 76.2
Henri Cortis M65 80.3
Tracy Bauer W35 82.0
Barrie Kernaghan M75 86.6
Delia Baldock W50 86.6
Danielle Baldock W35 1:42.5
2000m steeplechase
Alan Gray M50 9:20.6
Simone Solomon W45 10:29.7
Carol Bowman W60 10:55.2
Danielle Baldock W35 11:06.1
John Dennehy M55 11:15.8
Cecil Walkley M85 23:47.7
3000m steeplechase
Rob Nichols M35 11:12.2
David Adams M35 15:33.6
David Solomon M50 15:58.6
Triple Jump
Dave Wyatt M60 9.05m
Grace McMahon Vis 7.24m
Gay Wyatt W60 6.73m
Todd Davey M45 14.14m
Liam Gartlan Vis 13.99m
Andrew Ward M50 9.47m
Sue Coate W45 7.81m
Fesha De Silva Vis 7.62m
Chris Schelfhout W45 7.19m
Michelle De Silva W40 7.02m
Alex De Silva Vis 6.81m
Mike Anderson M65 5.75m
Jacob Schelfhout Vis 40.41m
Andrew Ward M50 31.51m
Geoff Brayshaw M65 28.86m
Sue Coate W45 23.21m
Rob Shand M80 21.25m
Chris Schelfhout W45 19.50m


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