WAAS – July 12 2016


in Track & Field Results

1 mile
Paul Mitchell M45 5:23.6
Brian Kinneen M50 5:37.5
Clare Wardle W40 5:49.0
Claire Walkley W50 7:35.9
Cecil Walkley M85 16:53.2
1 mile walk
Karyn Tolardo W50 8:52.3
Wayne Bariolo M45 28.1
Sarah Hillyer Vis 28.3
Fiona Leonard W45 30.8
Barrie Kernaghan M75 31.9
Juliana Kelly W50 33.5
Lynne Choate W60 34.0
Delia Baldock W50 36.2
Cecil Walkley M85 1:50.6
Alan Gower M60 19:13.2
Clare Wardle W40 19:49.0
Brian Kinneen M50 20:10.3
Karyn Gower W55 23:02.7
Claire Walkley W50 25:27.5
5000m walk
Karyn Tolardo W50 28:59.2
Danielle Baldock W35 16:56.1
3000m walk
Lorna Lauchlan W85 26:04.1
Alan Gower M60 68.1
Fiona Leonard W45 70.0
Brian Kinneen M50 71.2
Barrie Kernaghan M75 78.9
Juliana Kelly W50 81.5
Delia Baldock W50 84.2
Jorja Cobby Vis 1:44.6
Vicki Cobby W40 1:44.8
Triple Jump
Lisa Limonas W45 8.81m
Vicki Cobby W40 8.68m
Phil Smyth M65 8.09m
Gay Wyatt W60 6.36m
Sarah Hillyer Vis 9.76m
Jorja Cobby Vis 5.24m
Weight Throw
Todd Davey M45 15.67m
Bryony Glass W35 15.44m
Geoff Gee M60 15.55m
Tim Lyons M50 12.91m
Christine Schelfout W45 8.38m
Peter Watene M50 7.14m
Todd Davey M45 37.40m
Wayne Bariolo M45 36.78m
Geoff Gee M60 30.96m
Tim Lyons M50 19.82m
Peter Watene M50 17.81m
Christine Schelfout W45 17.36m
Terri Carr W55 9.80m


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