WAAS – June 21 2016


in Track & Field Results

Brian Kinneen M50 5:09.7
Mark Dawson M55 5:15.8
Bjorn Dybdahl M60 5:46.8
Alan Gray M50 6:19.8
Ivan Brown M70 6:35.6
Judy Davis W50 7:57.9
Cecil Walkley M85 14:48.4
1500m walk
Sylvia Byers W80 12:27.9
Garry Ralston M60 26.6
Andrew Brooker M45 27.3
Mark Elms M45 28.0
Barrie Kernaghan M75 32.8
Bjorn Dybdahl M60 31.8
Juliana Kelly W50 33.1
Joe Moutia Vis 37.8
Cecil Walkley M85 1:40.6
Peter Kennedy M95 2:19.8
Mark Dawson M55 2:32.8
Fiona Leonard W45 2:39.7
Brian Kinneen M50 2:43.3
Bjorn Dybdahl M60 3:09.1
Mark Elms M45 3:09.2
Delia Baldock W50 3:14.4
Sue Coate W50 3:19.3
Juliana Kelly W50 3:25.4
Cecil Walkley M85 7:18.5
Alan Gray M50 22:09.1
Judy Davis W50 26:51.4
Bjorn Dybdahl M60 12:14.4
John Dennehy M55 17:51.1
3000m walk
Sylvia Byers W80 25:57.0
Triple Jump
Garry Ralston M60 9.71m
Dave Wyatt M65 8.55m
Lisa Limonas W45 8.35m
Gay Wyatt W60 6.63m
Peter Kennedy M95 1.30m
Tom Gravestock M60 11.78m
Yolanda Carstens W50 9.41m
Sue Coate W50 9.34m
Sue Coate W50 23.29m


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