WAAS – November 10 2020


in Track & Field Results

David Graieg M35 12.0
Gin Ang M55 13.1
David Adams M40 14.5
Geoff Brayshaw M70 15.1
Barrie Kernaghan M80 15.8
Norm Richards M80 16.1
Ivo Davies M70 16.8
Marcus Nichols Vis 18.0
Paul Highway M45 5:22.5
David Graieg M35 5:30.0
Mark Dawson M55 6:04.5
Marcus Nichols Vis 6:16.6
Rob Nichols M40 6:16.6
Campbell Till M60 6:37.7
Barrie Kernaghan M80 34.4
Norm Richards M80 35.5
Ivo Davies M70 35.7
Marcus Nichols Vis 38.4
Rob Nichols M40 10:05.1
David Graieg M35 12:10.9
Paul Highway M45 12:12.5
David Adams M40 14:21.0
Marcus Nichols Vis 15:08.9
3000m walk
Johan Hagedoorn M75 20:56.0
Glenys Duncan W80 25:27.2
High Jump
Kye Brindle Vis 1.55m
Dave Wyatt M65 1.25m
Sue Coate W50 1.20m
Phil Smyth M70 1.15m
Norm Richards M80 1.08m
Marcus Nichols Vis 1.00m
Geoff Brayshaw M70 27.41m
Sue Coate W50 26.73m
Ken Wilkins M55 22.75m
Phil Smyth M70 22.56m
Gay Wyatt W65 11.95m
David Adams M40 11.15m
Sue Coate W50 9.68m
Mike Anderson M70 6.14m
Christina Faithful W70 5.53m
Ken Wilkins M55 5.51m
Gay Wyatt W65 5.13m
High Jump % points
Matt Dean M30 1.50m 61.22
Rob Nichols M40 1.40m 59.83
Geoff Brayshaw M70 1.23m 74.55
Dani Fuda W35 1.15m 57.79
Gay Wyatt W65 1.05m 73.94
David Adams M40 1.00m 42.74


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