Road Walking Championship

These two trophies are for the winners (male and female) of the overall 30km Road Walking Championship. All three events; the RWC 5k, 10k & 15k, must be completed.
A list of the winners appears below:

1994 John Mison Dorothy Whittam
1995 Paul Martin Dorothy Whittam
1996 Paul Martin Wendy Clements
1997 Alan Pomery Michele Mison
1998 Paul Martin Michele Mison
1999 Paul Martin Michele Mison
2000 Dick Blom Michele Mison
2001 Paul Martin Jacqueline Billington
2002 Paul Martin Val Millard
2003 John Mison Jeni Shillington
2004 John Carrington Val Millard
2005 David Brown Lynne Schickert
2006 David Brown Val Millard
2007 Mike Rhodes Lynne Schickert
2008 Mike Rhodes Michele Mison
2009 David Smyth Val Millard
2010 David Smyth Lynne Schickert
2011 Garry Hastie Michele Mison
2012 Garry Hastie Lynne Schickert
2013 Paul Martin Val Millard
2014 John McDonagh Wendy Farrow
2015 John McDonagh Marie Fitzsimmons
2016 John McDonagh Karyn Tolardo
2017 John McDonagh Karyn Tolardo
2018 Johan Hagedoorn Wendy Farrow
2019 Victor Munoz Karyn Tolardo
2020 Cancelled Cancelled
2021 John McDonagh Melissa Lewis
2022 John McDonagh Not awarded
2023 John McDonagh Grace Hollin


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